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Fatma Issa Holm was born in 1960 in Lamu, Kenya. Today she is living in Aurskog Høland, Norway. She married in 1980 and have two grown-up children.

As a teenager she attended Lamu polytechnic school learning how to sow clothes and she attended afternoon hobby groups learning how to knit. Later when she moved to Nairobi she studied further at Nairobi polytechnic where she got her diploma in sewing. Her mother taught her to make embroideried hats and her aunt taught her how to decorate flowers, so her passion for domestic work and art started at a young age.

In Norway she continued her studies at Rud high school and later also attended an art college in Oslo where she got a bachelor degree in aesthetic subjects.

Holm has been teaching art in secondary schools, and other classes in Oslo. She has also worked for NORAD in Tanzania, Njombe district and Kenya, Machakos district. In both countries she taught in secondary schools and woman groups. She worked on a Pilot project at Strømmen art centre passing on art to primary schools in Akershus Fylke. Holm likes painting motives from Africa and she mostly paints women. Through her art she wants to show a different, wider side of Africa and its rich cultures. Holm is trying to achieve that by painting motives of animals and people in Africa from a different point of view.

Her recent paintings portrays the Swahili people and their culture and the paintings were displayed at her first exhabition in the her home country. One exhibition was held at the national museum of Kenya at Lamu museum and the second one at the national museum of Mombasa at Fort Jesus. For pictures from those events.



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Education and qualification
College of art, with Cand. Mag. Examination in painting, drawing and sculpture

Fetsund art organisation at Lensmann museum
Strømmen culture center
Strømmen art organisation
Strømmen menighet
Lørenskog videregående skole
Ekeberg barneskole
Setskog barneskole
Skedsmo art organisation
Vøienvolden gård, Oslo1998
Summer festival at indre øy Trondlang
Gjerdrum Culture center
Aurskog art organisation
Haugerudveien, 2003
Haugerudveien, 2005
Søndre Nordstrand art organisation, 2006

Machakos, Kenya at Kithongo Secondary School, 1986 
Njombe, Tanzania at Lupembe Secondary School, 1990-93
Ikondo, Tanzania with Iwafi Woman Group 

1999 – Today, Oslo prison Norway

Skedsmo Secondary School, Akershusfylke Norway
Lørenskog Secondary School, Akershusfylke Norway
Grønland Voksenopplæring, Oslo Norway

Lectures on Africa and art in Africa
Primary schools
Secondary Schools
Hamar High School
Womens group
Leo club
Husflid lag, domestic group
Sweden High School

She has written two books with a collection of poems written in Norwegian.
1. Hjertet med sin lidenskap, 2001 (”the heart with its passion”)
2. Min due i min hånd, 2005 (”the dove in my hand”)

Tasks and membership
Skedsmo art organisation, Norway
Aurskog art organisation, Norway
Strømmen art organisation, Norway

She has also been featured in different magasines of art and Norwegian newspapers like Aftenposten, Romerikes blad and Indre blad.